What is a Relax Into Meditation Class?

Many of us have a fundamental need for inner quiet; we often crave
a sense of peace away from the demands and constant electronic
stimulation in our everyday life. Practicing mindfulness and meditation
can help us break the cycle of habitual living and discover a sense of
stillness. We come to realize that only we have the power to calm
our minds and bodies at any time, under any circumstances.
Through mindful observation of our bodies and breath, we can tap
into the inner tranquility that lies below the surface in each one of
us while reaping physical benefits for our bodies.  

This restorative 60 minute mind-body class is designed to teach you the skills to center yourself both physically and mentally, while helping to combat the harmful effects of stress.  Once learned, these skills can be called upon at anytime - while we are under stress or simply craving some stillness in our day.  Included in the class is a brief introduction to meditation, mindfulness, relaxation and the physical benefits we gain from our nurturing practice. 

Explore mindfulness, meditation, and learn concrete tools proven to shut down the stress response in your nervous system.  Experience restorative, deep relaxation through a variety of techniques including gentle breathing exercises, progressive relaxation, yoga nidra, meditation and guided imagery accompanied by soft music and inspirational readings.  Secular or Christian classes are designed for anyone interested in improving self care, stress management skills or looking for better clarity and peace of mind.  Offering group or private classes (privates available at your home or hospital room).  Extended Workshops are also available.

Relax Into Meditation,llc is a Connecticut based Limited Liability Company