Numerous studies have empirically shown the positive benefits from a mind-body practice


Possible Physical Benefits:
*Decreased heart rate, respiration & oxygen consumption which can help lower blood pressure and improve air flow to the lungs, decreased muscle tension
*Relaxes the nervous system and reduces stress hormones like cortisol
*Has been shown to increase gray matter in the brain (brain cell mass)
*Activates relaxation brain waves such as alpha brain waves                                                                                                            

Possible Psychological Benefits:
*Increased serotonin levels positively influences mood
*Reduces anxiety
*Calming our bodies and minds decreases emotional distress
*Teaches us to live "mindfully" in the present moment, not projecting forward in worry or looking back
*Teaches us skills for stress management 

Possible Spiritual Benefits:
*Brings body, mind, and spirit in quiet harmony
*In the silence and stillness we are better able to connect with our 'higher power'
*Promotes a sense of inner peace and clarity


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